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Educational transformation in south africa not only brought about outcomes- based education and curriculum 2005 but also a new learning area/subject, called life orientation (lo) a major challenge for lo as a new learning area/ subject is the preconceptions that exist about it, and the fact that the attitude of school. Basic education minister angie motshekga says life skills learnt in life orientation (lo) is beneficial to pupils beyond the classroom, making it an essential component of the curriculum the minister's comments came following a call by the education for social justice foundation for lo to be scrapped. The primary aim of this pilot research was to develop an instrument to evaluate the impact of the life orientation programme (lop) on sex, sexuality and hiv/ aids in gauteng schools at secondary level and if possible at primary level the main objectives were to: determine levels of implementation of life orientation and. The focus and purpose of the study is to investigate how life orientation lecturers construct learning outcomes using teaching/learning resources for their lessons at a further education and training (fet) college in kwazulu natal after 1994, in the new south africa, outcomes-based education became the national policy. Life orientation is one of three fundamental subjects that enhances students' possibilities to achieve success in their studies as well as in life this subject consists of a combination of life skills that covers essential topics such as personal and career development, health and well-being, citizenship, and learning skills. This paper explores the teachers' internal bias and its subsequent influence on the teaching of alternative sexualities in life orientation classes through purposive sampling, four teachers in the mangaung area of the free state province participated in semi-structured interviews and electroencephalogram. The study aimed to investigate the status and practice of life orientation in south african schools life orientation is a quintessential new learning area, introduced as part of curriculum transformation in south africa, and is intended to equip learners with the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes for successful living and.

Keystone life orientation (lo) teachers: implications for educational, social, and cultural contexts jace pillay department of educational psychology, university of johannesburg, south africa [email protected] abstract the aim of this study was to identify and describe skills, characteristics and support networks needed. 1 general information instrument title, life orientation test - revised description, the life orientation test revised (lot-r) is a 10-item uni- dimensional scale that was developed to assess individual differences in generalized optimism versus pessimism 2 history contributor author(s):, scheier, mf, carver, cs,. Children and equipping them to cope competently with complex social situations in a rapidly changing society hence, the learning area life orientation (lo)1 was introduced to schools by the south african department of education to prepare learners for practical life skills that will assist them to respond to challenges and.

Background/objective: the most common used instrument to measure optimism, both in psychological and medical research, is the life orientation test- revised (lot-r) a multi-countries study using the future item from the lot-r, found that level of optimism varied between countries the provision of population-based. If i were to ask you what you thought of life orientation, what would you say would you frown and mumble something about it being a waste of time want to know what i think of course you do, that's why you opened this article to be honest, while i was still swirling around the thoughts of this article in. Parrot learning the symptoms of different stds for the third time in a high school career is not valuable life prep.

It came to me as a big surprise that many south african education professionals seem to regard life orientation as an insignificant, to some even a worthless part of our education many learners also seem to view life orientation as unnecessary, boring and irrelevant this attitude is not unique to south. The inclusion of the subject, life orientation, in the school curriculum for a democratic education dispensation was the realisation of the recommendation of the national education crisis committee or necc (1992) in its research for a curriculum model for a post-apartheid society (cumsa) and educational renewal. Articles life orientation as experienced by learners: a qualitative study in north-west province anne jacobs abstract the learning area life orientation (lo) is aimed at educating healthy, responsible young people who are able to live productive lives in the new south african democracy effectiveness in this. Lot-r (life orientation test-revised) the life orientation test (lot) was developed to assess individual differences in generalized optimism versus pessimism this measure, and its successor the lot-r, have been used in a good deal of research on the behavioral, affective, and health consequences of this personality.

Life orientation

Potentially evolve into serious barriers to learning and development life orientation is a critical subject offered by the further education and training (fet ) band as it aims to prevent the development of such problems furthermore, the role played by the teacher in successfully and meaningfully presenting life orientation is.

  • Although south africa is one of the most progressive countries in the world in terms of constitutional and legislative rights for lgbt individuals, education is one of many social arenas where these ideals are not carried out interviews with 25 practicing teachers revealed very little description of practice, but widely divergent.
  • Life orientation in the senior and further education and training phases (called life skills in the intermediate phase) is a compulsory school subject the purpose of this subject is to empower learners to achieve their full physical, intellectual, personal, emotional and social potential it is thus obvious that it is a crucial.
  • An exploration of life orientation educators' knowledge and the teaching of study skills in further education and training phase high schools in ekudibeng cluster gauteng east by revival bongekile gama submitted in accordance with requirements for the degree master of education with specialisation.

Get results by tapping into your best resource — the potential of your individual employees and teams lifo® - life orientation's unique approach identifies each person's strengths and styles lifo® doesn't label or typecast - it opens up possibilities and provides strategies for individuals and teams to reach their goals. Life orientation test –revised (lot-r) reference: scheier, m f, carver, c s, & bridges, m w (1994) distinguishing optimism from neuroticism (and trait anxiety, self-mastery, and self-esteem): a re-evaluation of the life orientation test journal of personality and social psychology, 67, 1063-1078 description of. J clin epidemiol 2004 apr57(4):409-14 positive life orientation as a predictor of 10-year outcome in an aged population pitkala kh(1), laakkonen ml, strandberg te, tilvis rs author information: (1)university of helsinki, geriatric clinic, haartmanninkatu 4, fin-0029 helsinki, finland [email protected] objective: it.

life orientation Keywords family background self-esteemcounselling teacher training bullying life orientation abstract the study focused on grade nine learners who were bullying one another even though they were taught life orientation the purpose of the study was to explore the experiences of life orientation teachers.
Life orientation
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